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  1. We respect and support other members of the group and encourage their ongoing attendance.

  2. The essential principle of confidentiality is followed: “What is said here stays here,” unless there is an immediate safety issue- for example, if a person is suicidal or a danger to others.

  3. One person talks at a time without interruptions. We agree not to monopolize group time or have side conversations. Please respect other people’s time.

  4. No one is required to speak, it’s o.k. to pass.

  5. We speak about what is of concern to us, using “I” statements, sharing what we know and feel from our own personal experience.

  6. We do not use profanity, insults, threatening or sexually explicit language or behavior.

  7. No one is allowed to participate in a group under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

  8. We give no advice on specific medication or diagnoses. We know we are all different and these are issues between you and your mental health professionals.

  9. We give positive feedback whenever possible after members share.

  10. Differences of opinion are o.k. We strive to be non-judgmental and learn from others’ experiences.

  11. It is everyone’s responsibility to make the discussion group a safe place to share.

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