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Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteer support group facilitators!

Provide a safe, supportive, trustworthy and friendly atmosphere for the group.

Encourage participation of all group members.

Provide direction and focus of the discussion.

Foster self-help and personal responsibility among group members.

Offer opportunities for educating members nad their families about depressive illnesses and their treatments.

Handle problems that arise in the group tactfully and appropriately.

Develop leadership and facilitator skills.


What are characteristics that make a group leader a good facilitator?


Leadership must be shared by the group in order to encourage other people to feel a sense of commitment to the group and its mission. The mission of the group needs to be clear to the facilitator and the group participants. To be a facilitator, you do not need to be a "super organizer" or "as strong as a rock." You do need to have an ability to show compassion, an ability to listen in a non-judgemental manner, and a good sense of humor. You also need to feel comfortable participating as a member of the group.

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